Trading stocks and option are both investment opportunities that can turn out to be very lucrative ventures. However, they are a bit complex more so for the options trading than stock trading. With the latter, the strategy involves buying a stock and decided the number of shares you want on it, and you can enlist the services of a broker to fill the order based on the current market prices. With options trading, you will have to cover the same elements as well as others. The secret to improving the odds of enjoying a profitable investment is knowing how to play the games of trading options and stocks. Below are a three pro-investment-tips worth keeping in mind.

Tip #1: Evaluate Your Financial Situation
Investing in stocks and options is all about taking smart financial risks. As such, the first intelligent step would, therefore, be reassessing your funds to know what kind of commitment you can make. Make sure you have not debts or if so, what you are owed is negligible enough for you to try your hand in stock investment. Also, it would be wise to have around six months’ worth of savings in your account to cushion you during those times when the stock market takes an unexpected dip.

Tip #2: Compare The Risks Vs. The Returns
Stock and options trading is a game of risk, where the biggest returns require you to take the most significant risks. If you are not a risk taker, then investing in the options and stocks market is not for you because you will have to make take a chance even when investing in stocks that have low returns. But, it would be wise to play your game somewhere in the middle to have very high risks and still manage to gain substantial returns from your investments.

Tip #3: Diversify Your Portfolio
When it comes to diversifying your portfolio, you will go about in two ways. The first is to assess the various players in the game, the different companies in the various sectors, their sizes, and volatility. Then you can evaluate the growth patterns so that you know which stocks to buy. Conversely, when trading the stocks or options, it would be wise to dip your hands into various pots so that you spread the risk level and have something to bite from one pot if you find out is still empty. In short, spread your investment by buying different stocks.

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